Tim Duncan retires after 19 seasons

tim duncan celebrating

After 19 seasons, Tim Duncan is leaving the game.

Mike Stone/REUTERS


  • 5 time NBA champion
  • 3 time Finals MVP
  • 2 Most Valuable Player awards
  • 14th all-time in scoring
  • 15 All-Star games
  • 15 time All-NBA team player
  • 14 time All-Defensive team, second all-time in defensive win shares
  • 1158 Wins overall

After 19 incredible seasons on the hardwood, Tim Duncan is leaving the game. He’s leaving the same way he entered, quiet and under the radar.

The entire 2015/16 season was played with the knowledge that Kobe Bryant would be retiring at the end of it, and the league and fans played it that way. Bryant was given a heroes farewell, with every single away game showing mad love to the legend that is the Black Mamba. Duncan knew that this would more than likely be his last season, but he didn’t want all of the hoopla that the media and league would inevitably give him. So he waited, and left it until the season was done and the free agent frenzy was over. On July 11th, the Spurs delivered a press release saying that the long time face of their franchise would be retiring.

The Spurs never missed the playoffs over the entirety of Duncan’s career and never fell short of the 50-win mark either. They have the best win percentage of any major sports franchise over the past twenty years at .710 (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL). It is hard to deny Duncan as being the best power forward of all-time. He has all of the personal statistics to back up that claim, as well as all of the team success you could ever imagine in a professional athlete.

The Wake Forest alum leaves the team at a perfect time. The Spurs couldn’t be in better hands than they are with their current roster. Former Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard, has shown himself to be one of the most elite players in the game and is leading a talented squad behind him. With savvy veteran Tony Parker leading the point, perennial all-star Lamarcus Aldridge in the middle, and newly signed big man Pau Gasol as the team’s core, the Spurs should continue to compete at a high level.

Farewell to The Big Fundamental.



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