The Waiting Game


Cleveland hasn’t won a World Series since 1948. Chicago hasn’t won one since 1908. They both meet in Game 1 of the Fall Classic tonight after waiting (a combined) 175 years for a title.

The Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians playing in the 2016 World Series qualifies as the most romantic match-up possible for many sports fans due to the longevity of the World Series droughts in each city amid all the subsequent angst, disappointment, false hope, and anticipation over the years of trying to get there.

Live long enough, and you’ll get to see it all.



On Oct. 22, 1948, Clevelanders celebrated a World Series championship, captured by this Cleveland News photo. The weather wasn’t quite as good for the Browns celebration after the 1964 NFL title, but the cheers were heard. Will there be another parade in the near future? (Plain Dealer Historical Collection)


The Tribe hasn’t won since 1948.

They’re trying to cap an incredible year for Cleveland that saw the Cavaliers and LeBron James bring an NBA championship home earlier in the 2016 sporting calendar.

Evidently, something special is cooking in Ohio.

The Cubbies, on the other hand, haven’t won since 1908.


Now that’s taking old school to a whole new level son.

The Waiting Game indeed.

The Tribe and the Cubs in the Fall Classic!

What an incredible match-up, that even many Hollywood producers may have scoffed at for being excessively fictional and unbelievable, if you were to attempt to pitch the script with this narrative during your elevator pitch…

“Micheal J. Fox and Charlie Sheen show up in a DeLorean outside of ‘Chez Paul’ in Chicago before Game 1 of the World Series between the Cubs and the Indians. Steve Bartman plays the Valet driver. Keys go missing. Hilarity ensues.”


I stand corrected, live long enough, and you might not get to see it all…

Technically, you would have had to have been born in approximately 1902 to have any conscious memory of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.

Living to 114 is slightly extreme, and it’s safe to say that just about nobody in the greater Chicago area is still alive from the precise turn of the 20th Century.




This cartoon like match-up, between these two championship starved ball clubs is clearly not fictional and forged from a comedy writer’s creativity.

This is here, this is actually a thing that is happening in the universe today.

One of the two longest title droughts in the MLB will come to an end soon.

Take slight solace in this fact for suffering fan bases everywhere.

I wrote about this match-up being a distinct possibility earlier this season in a piece titled ‘Tribe Rising‘ — where I secretly wished for a distorted Utopian baseball future such as this.

Careful what you wish for.

Now that this desired outcome is finally here, I don’t know who to root for?




Initially, you lean towards the Cubs, but then… you kinda like the madness to continue for a few more years because it’s an incredibly story, and you should always leave the audience wanting more.

After shifting to the Indians, you decide that Cleveland’s already had their moment in the sun with the Cavaliers (and you want revenge for the Blue Jays elimination).

With no real horse in the race, it’s a labyrinth of emotion and comprehension when trying to side with one of these two suffering teams.

Jon Lester (19-5) faces Corey Kluber (18-9) tonight at Progressive Field from Cleveland in Game 1 of the World Series.

First pitch goes at 8:08 PM.

We are all witnesses, no matter how the cookie crumbles in this twisted narrative of a neverending sports saga.

I wished for it, it’s here… and now I can’t decide who I want to have win this thing?!

Whoever it is, let’s hope it’s a quick, painful death for the opponent, without false hope or controversy.

After further procrastination and speculation, if I had to make an additional wish, it would be that the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in 5 games.

Cubs in 5

There, that felt better.

May the baseball gods act accordingly, and have mercy on long suffering fan bases worldwide.




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