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Phil was born and raised north of the wall in Toronto. Some say he was raised by left-handed British gypsies with good intentions. He’s been ingesting sports consciously as far back as the Blue Jays winning the AL East in 1985 and clearly remembers attending games at Exhibition Stadium. Decadently old school, but constantly mistaken for a younger man due to his quasi-hipster lingo and wanton disregard for fashion cues. Phil enjoys almost all stories involving sports and is constantly digging for more like a highly motivated and medicated archaeologist. He’s joined the Catch-22 team to bring some next-level analysis & top notch research in the timeless spirit of storytelling.

Formerly an NFL prospect, Mark's dream was cut short when scouts realized he lacked the size, speed, and talent to be a second string PeeWee punter. Now he is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, and an ashamed former Greg Hardy sympathizer. Though the Buffalo Bills are not his team of choice, proximity to Ralph Wilson has caused a steep rise in sightings of Mark at Bills' tailgates drinking what appears to be adult beverages. Check out his thoughts on everything that happens on and off the gridiron.

Hailing from a smaller town than you would think, Kyle has managed to escape and is trying to make a name for himself in Canada’s biggest city, in their most intense sports market. An avid fan of basketball, Kyle spends most of his free time watching Tom Hardy movies and doing far too little productive things. The Raptors have caused him more grief than any other entity on the planet so he picked up meditation and hot yoga to deal with the frustration. Check out his articles for fresh takes on the Raps and other NBA musings.

Born in Toronto but raised in cold rinks across Ontario, Kyle brings a big city intellect combined with a small town alcohol tolerance. A former junior and college hockey suitcase, his professional career spanned exactly zero years - although his career as a decent human being continues to this day. Cants fell in love with sports at an early age, watching ‘SportsDesk’ for hours on end while dreaming of one-day writing highlight packs for Geno Reda’s mustache. Preferring to spit reality with a dash of comedy, you can follow Kyle for alternate angles on all things rink-related.

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